Experts settings

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Experts settings

EA Screens have preverense over dashboard on startup

Destroy EA charts on BDM unload

First EA Settings

Template with first external EA on it (blank for no EA)

Timeframe to run first EA on

Symbol to run EA on

EA 1 chart x,y position

EA 1 chart widht,hight

Wait time in second for the first EA to stabilize after loadin

Second EA settings

Template with second external EA on it (Blank for no EA)

Timeframe to run scound EA on

Symbol to run EA on

EA 2 chart x,y position

EA 2 Chart wight,hight

Wait time in seconds for the second EA to stabilize after loading

Dashboard Settings

Dashboard type

Default dashboard charts symbol

Display a fast pair selection line

Use the Userlist for fast pair selection bar

Display custom dashboard selection line

Single chart Dashboard Settings

Time frame to run dashboard on

Timeframe multipleir

Dashboard template for single chart dashboard

Dashboard x size

Dashboard y size

Multi Chart Dashboard Settings

Dashboard Chart 1

Use chart 1

Chart 1 x,y position

chart 1 width,hight position

Chart 1 symbol empty is default dash symbol

Chart 1 template

Chart 1 timeframe

Chart 1 timeframe multiplier

Chart 1 Switch pair

Charts 1 switch Template

Dashboard 2

Dashboard 3

Dashboard 4

Dashboard 5

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