General settings

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General Settings

Default TimeFrame to open

Default TameFrame multiplier

Use Renko and Tick instead of W1 and MN

Unused symbol to run on

Automatically determine sizes

Max width of screen

Max Height of screen

BDM Background color

Keep the charts borders

Template directory relative to templates (no \needed)

When opening charts try to find kept charts first

Allow detached charts

Always start a clean BDM after sudden shutdown

Default timeframe for IDX.LFX Strength and correlation


Create a background

BDM background color

BDM Background image (.bmp file)

Initials charts

A set of all charts will opened at start and kept open

Show all started charts at BDM startup

Initial all charts template

Directory for per pair individual templates

Initial all charts timeframe

Initial all charts timeframe multiplier

Time in seconds for initial charts to settle (x28)

Close initial or kept chart on BDM remove

Initial Drivers

Start initial drivers

Initial drivers timeframe

Directory for per pair individual driver templates

Drivers to load

Time in seconds for driver to settle (x28)

Destroy drivers on BDM remove

Initial helper hidden charts

Create initial offline helper charts (hidden)

Initial helper charts timeframe

Initial helper charts timeframe multiplier

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