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General Settings

Default TimeFrame to open

Default TameFrame multiplier

Use Renko and Tick instead of W1 and MN

Unused symbol to run on

Automatically determine sizes

Max width of screen

Max Height of screen

BDM Background color

Keep the charts borders

Template directory relative to templates (no \needed)

When opening charts try to find kept charts first

Allow detached charts

Always start a clean BDM after sudden shutdown

Default timeframe for IDX.LFX Strength and correlation


Create a background

BDM background color

BDM Background image (.bmp file)

Initials charts

A set of all charts will opened at start and kept open

Show all started charts at BDM startup

Initial all charts template

Directory for per pair individual templates

Initial all charts timeframe

Initial all charts timeframe multiplier

Time in seconds for initial charts to settle (x28)

Close initial or kept chart on BDM remove

Initial Drivers

Start initial drivers

Initial drivers timeframe

Directory for per pair individual driver templates

Drivers to load

Time in seconds for driver to settle (x28)

Destroy drivers on BDM remove

Initial helper hidden charts

Create initial offline helper charts (hidden)

Initial helper charts timeframe

Initial helper charts timeframe multiplier

Charts & Misc Settings

Large chart top left X-pos

Large chart top left Y-pos

Large chart width

Large chart height

Users Symbols comma separated

Display manual input and basket fields

Chart per page when displaying basket or user charts

Use strength library

B/Q Strength timeframe

Clear charts completely before applying templates

Experts settings

EA Screens have preverense over dashboard on startup

Destroy EA charts on BDM unload

First EA Settings

Template with first external EA on it (blank for no EA)

Timeframe to run first EA on

Symbol to run EA on

EA 1 chart x,y position

EA 1 chart widht,hight

Wait time in second for the first EA to stabilize after loadin

Second EA settings

Template with second external EA on it (Blank for no EA)

Timeframe to run scound EA on

Symbol to run EA on

EA 2 chart x,y position

EA 2 Chart wight,hight

Wait time in seconds for the second EA to stabilize after loading

Dashboard Settings

Dashboard type

Default dashboard charts symbol

Display a fast pair selection line

Use the Userlist for fast pair selection bar

Display custom dashboard selection line

Single chart Dashboard Settings

Time frame to run dashboard on

Timeframe multipleir

Dashboard template for single chart dashboard

Dashboard x size

Dashboard y size

Multi Chart Dashboard Settings

Dashboard Chart 1

Use chart 1

Chart 1 x,y position

chart 1 width,hight position

Chart 1 symbol empty is default dash symbol

Chart 1 template

Chart 1 timeframe

Chart 1 timeframe multiplier

Chart 1 Switch pair

Charts 1 switch Template

Dashboard 2

Dashboard 3

Dashboard 4

Dashboard 5

Main Templates

Main Template 1 (default on chart open)

Button name

Main template 2

BDM Helper Settings

Force timeframe buttons on helpers

Helper Template 1 (default on enlarge)

Button name

Helper template 2 - 8

Script1 control (Alt + 1 to 9)

Button name for script 1

Script 2 control

script 3 control

script 4 control

Single pair Settings

Single pair initial small, wide, mini or user defined

Mini Size

Single Pair chart 1 timeframe

Single Pair chart 1 timeframe multiplier

Default Single template and timeframe 1

Single Pair chart 2 - 8 timeframe

Single Pair chart 2 - 8 timeframe multiplier

Single template timeframe 2 - 8

Chart popup settings

Switch to dashboard on external popup

Use current template as default

Popup Chart 1 Settings

Popup chart 1 top left X-pos

Popup chart 1 top left Y-pos

Popup chart 1 witdht

Popup chart 1 height

Popup Template chart 1

Popup chart 1 timeframe

Button Chart Settings

Popup top left X-pos

Popup top left Y-pos

Popup witdht

Popup height

Popup Symbol

Popup timeframe

Popup Template

Correllation Chart Settings

Template for correlation popup

Correlation popup timeframe

Correlation popup left X-pos

Correlation popup left Y-pos

Correlation popup witdht

Correlation popup height

Single Strength Chart Settings

Template for single Strenght popup

Single strenght timeframe

Single strenght popup left X-pos

Single strenght popup left Y-pos

Single strenght popup witdht

Single strenght popup height

Multi Strenght Chart Settings

Multi strenght small or wide

Multi strenght 1 timeframe

Template 1 (default) for multi strenght charts

Multi strenght 2 - 4timeframe

Template 2 - 4 for multi strenght  charts

Alarm Settings

Enlarge chart on alarm

enlarge alarm chart on first click

Sound alarm

Color chart on alarm

Windings code colorechart = false

Default Single template and timeframe 1

Non specific alarm color

Buy alarm color

Sell alarm color

Non specific alarm sound

Buy alarm sound

Sell alarm sound

Alarm next chart x open offset

Alarm next chart y open offset

Chart Rotate/Slideshow/Loop Settings

Use chart Rotating

Default rotating interval in seconds

Rotate chart top left X-pos

Rotate chart top left Y-pos

Rotate chart witdth

Rotate chart Height

Rotate template

Slideshow Template

Currency loop Template

News Settings

Use BDM news interface

Show upcoming event

Show current event

Color of the upcoming/current news line

Only show current day news

News importance level

Highlight currency buttons on current news

Highlight button border color

Make news current minutes before

Leave news current minutes after

News popup x position

News popup y position

Default Special Templates

Default template for RENKO charts

Default template for TICK charts

Special Driver Templates

Template for RENKO chart driver

Template for Trick chart driver

Template for Period conversion charts

Pipe Server Settings

Run the piper server

Name of the pipe

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