Multi Strenght Chart Settings

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Multi Strenght Chart Settings

Multi strenght small or wide

Multi strenght 1 timeframe

Template 1 (default) for multi strenght charts

Multi strenght 2 - 4timeframe

Template 2 - 4 for multi strenght  charts

Alarm Settings

Enlarge chart on alarm

enlarge alarm chart on first click

Sound alarm

Color chart on alarm

Windings code colorechart = false

Default Single template and timeframe 1

Non specific alarm color

Buy alarm color

Sell alarm color

Non specific alarm sound

Buy alarm sound

Sell alarm sound

Alarm next chart x open offset

Alarm next chart y open offset

Chart Rotate/Slideshow/Loop Settings

Use chart Rotating

Default rotating interval in seconds

Rotate chart top left X-pos

Rotate chart top left Y-pos

Rotate chart witdth

Rotate chart Height

Rotate template

Slideshow Template

Currency loop Template

News Settings

Use BDM news interface

Show upcoming event

Show current event

Color of the upcoming/current news line

Only show current day news

News importance level

Highlight currency buttons on current news

Highlight button border color

Make news current minutes before

Leave news current minutes after

News popup x position

News popup y position

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